Esto knows what it takes to create dynamic images of architecture and design, with a focus on light, space, materials and on the people who live and work there. Working with an Esto Photographer ensures that the assignment is a well-considered investment for your firm’s present and future needs. We collaborate on attaining your goals, in an efficient and cost-effective manner and act as a liaison to editors and publishers in the design press.


Our photographers travel worldwide on assignments large and small. The current photographers are Albert Vecerka, Anton Grassl, David Sundberg, Jeff Goldberg, Michael Vahrenwald, Peter Aaron, and Peter Mauss.


With a keen understanding of how light, time and motion impact the perception of space, our photographers create dynamic videos that capture the “living” elements of your work. We can provide video segments to complement still images or create full video coverage with voice-over, music, graphics and more.


The Esto Archive traces the history of modern architecture and design from the mid-20th Century; it is well-known resource for journalists, scholars and historians worldwide. One can search, share and license images for immediate download 24/7. Or contact us directly for assistance.

The collection receives ongoing contributions from the assignments photographers Albert Vecerka, Anton Grassl, David Sundberg, Jeff Goldberg, Michael Vahrenwald and Peter Mauss. The stock contributors include Lawrence Anderson, Wayne Andrews, Otto Baitz, David Cardelus, Dan Cornish, Mark Darley, Jade Doskow, Aaron Dougherty, David Franzen, John Gillan, Susan Gilmore, Elizabeth Glasgow, John Griebsch, Tim Griffith, Paul Hester, Wolfgang Hoyt, John Humble, Alan Karchmer, Christian Kendall, Chun Y Lai, David La Spina, Ed Letterman, Richard Mandelkorn, John Margolies, Bill Maris, Norman McGrath, Clark James Mishler, Susan Oristaglio, Betsy Pinover Schiff, Cervin Robinson, Michael Robinson, Steve Rosenthal, Ryan Rothman, Roberto Schezen, Doug Scott, Andreas Secci, David B Seide, Roger Straus III, Lara Swimmer, Luca Vignelli, Michael Webber, James F Wilson, among others.