Deering House, Casey Key FL, Paul Rudolph, Architect; 116T.019
Seagram Building, New York NY, Mies van der Rohe with Philip Johnson, Architects; 41T.026
Cohen House, Siesta Key FL, Paul Rudolph, Architect; 128Q.004
Olivetti Underwood Factory, Harrisburg PA, Louis Kahn, Architect; 89EE.017
TWA Terminal at John F. Kennedy Airport (then Idlewild Airport), New York NY, Eero Saarinen, Architect; 64X.002CR
John Hancock Center, Chicago IL, SOM, Architect; 78CC.008
Connecticut General Life Insurance, Bloomfield CT, SOM, Architect; 51S.077
United Nations General Assembly Building, New York NY, International Team of Architects; 7N.009CR
Ezra Stoller is the dean
of American architectural

Stoller photographed buildings, large and small, inside and out, with assignments that also included commercial, technical and manufacturing facilities. With a unified point of view and well composed images, he created visual narratives, moving in and around the space to describe structure, material and use.